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22 June 2018
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White Papers

Filtration Systems
Klinkau offers a wide range of filtration systems.

Trailing Cable Reels The Retrofit solution for Fully Electrified Mining and Bulk Handling equipment
A retrofit trailing cable reel from Conductix-Wampfler eliminates the risk of reversing onto the cable and wear due to dragging.

ANDRITZ Pumps and Motors
Decades of experience in hydraulic machine manufacturing and complete process know-how form the basis for our pumps‘ high performance.

MineWater Pumping System Simulation Analysis
The MineWater programme is designed to analyze the flow of mine discharges through complex piping networks. The programme can be used to evaluate the effects of alternate pumps, pipe sizes and flow routings in existing or proposed discharge systems.

EASYkleen TEC Brush
The EASYkleen TEC is the base model in the EASYkleen range. This economical unit is designed for light to medium use.

Press Releases

Epiroc Releases Fully Automatic Functionality for the Serpent Ventilation System
Epiroc now takes its successful Serpent ventilation system to the next level by launching automatic functionality.

Two More Redwave XRF/C for Stena Recycling AB
At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center (SNRC) in Halmstad, Sweden, REDWAVE XRF/C technology has been in use since the beginning of the SNRC.

EXAIR’s 3/8in Super Air Wipe Dries, Cools & Cleans Small Diameters
EXAIR’s new 3/8in Super Air Wipe™ produces a 360° airstream that can blow off, dry, clean or cool the material passing through it. The split design can be clamped around continuously moving material such as wire, cable, pipe, hose and extruded shapes.

Effective Use of Network Technology, Communications and Data
Network technology, communications, and data will be strategic factors as mining companies strive to be more profitable. With key drivers being productivity and safety, modern network connectivity, communications, and intelligent use of data have the potential to bring huge benefits.

NCH Australia Launches Facilities Business Group
NCH Asia announced today that it launched ‘NCH Facilities’ business group on May 1 this year.


IRR criticises proposed South African mining charter
South African think tank the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has criticised a draft of the country’s new mining charter for undermining competition between larger companies and rendering smaller operations financially unstable.

RST begins programme to treat dust and particulate matter
Australian mining and civil solutions company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has unveiled an expanded service and solutions programme to treat particulate matter in mines.

Predicting earthquakes: what’s the best technology available to miners?
A recent earthquake in Papua New Guinea shattered some of the country’s most important gold mines. It also raised the question of what technologies are at miners’ disposal when it comes to predicting quakes? Ross Davies reports.

Underground ventilation system unveiled at WIPP
US Department of Energy officials and community leaders have unveiled a new underground ventilation system for the government’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

US appeals court upholds lease of federal land for coal mining
Judges on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit have unanimously rejected an argument made by environmentalists that the Trump administration has to consider the environmental consequences of leasing federal land for coal mining.


Red Mountain Underground Gold Project, British Columbia
The Red Mountain underground gold project is a high-grade, underground gold/silver mine being developed in Canada by IDM Mining.

Metro Mining’s Bauxite Hills Project, Cape York, Queensland
Metro Mining’s Bauxite Hills Project is located 5km south-east of the port at Skardon River and 95km north of Weipa in Western Cape Rock, North Queensland, Australia.

Lorena Gold Project, Queensland
Located near Cloncurry in northwest Queensland, Australia, the Lorena gold project was acquired by Malachite Resources in 2010.

Capricorn Copper Mine, Queensland
The Capricorn copper mine (formerly Mt Gordon and Gunpowder mines) is one of largest copper mining projects being undertaken in Australia.

Borborema Gold Project, Rio Grande do Norte
The Borborema gold project located in Seridó region of Borborema, within Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is being developed by Crusader Resources.

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