Safe, rapid data capture in underground mines

Hovermap is a versatile LiDAR mapping solution that allows you to safely and efficiently capture data in inaccessible and GPS-denied environments: underground mines, tunnels, under bridges—any high-risk or hazardous environment.

When attached to a drone, Hovermap uses Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) and advanced drone autonomy technologies to achieve collision avoidance and beyond-line-of-site-flight.

Mapping with Hovermap

Data capture is made easy with Hovermap’s quick release mechanism, one button scanning, and portability (payload weight is 1.8 kg or 3 lb, 15 oz). Map hard to reach or hazardous environments with the payload attached to a drone, vehicle, or winch. For areas accessible on foot, carry Hovermap by hand or in a backpack.

Rapid post-processing produces geo-referenced, high-resolution point clouds that contain all the flight returns and trajectories. Flights with a region of overlap are automatically merged during processing. The data sets contain multiple advanced attributes in .las/.laz/.dxf formats.

Import the point cloud data into your software to identify geological structures, over-break, hangups, calculate the volume of stopes, or produce as-built models.