Western Sierra Mining has concluded a joint venture agreement with Mission Holdings for the development of the Silver Cord mine located in the US state of Arizona.

Under the terms of the agreement, Western will provide mining services, including permitting, underground and surface exploration, mine engineering, geology and tunnel rehab in preparation for an extensive sampling programme.

GolfGear International will provide Mission Holdings and Western Sierra with funds to start the initial mining operations, along with necessary additional funding.

Silver Cord has historically produced silver and gold and is located in the Black Canyon Mining District on the east side of Turkey Creek in Yavapai County.

In September of 2010 initial small sampling results showed better than 1/2 ounce gold and in excess of 85 ounces silver/ton taken from the 910 feet of developed tunnel.

Western will initially continue with its evaluation of the hard rock portions of the claim blocks but will provide some geological review and sampling of the placer claim in Turkey Creek.