The University of Tasmania has secured a $17.4m grant to develop a research hub that will resolve issues and transform the mining value chain (TMVC) in the Australian mining sector.

Of the total grant, $4m was received from the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub scheme, $9.6m from industry support, and the remaining amount from other government block funds.

The research hub will be developed by the University’s research centre, ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits (CODES), in collaboration with the Australian minerals industry.

University of Tasmania vice-chancellor professor Peter Rathjen said the university’s research is at the forefront of one of the nation’s biggest economic drivers.

"This latest round of ARC funding further reflect[s] the university’s commitment to research partnerships and excellence at both a local and global level."

"CODES continues to be globally recognised in its field of research, with this latest round of ARC funding further reflecting the university’s commitment to research partnerships and excellence at both a local and global level," Rathjen said.

The hub will strive to resolve the issues currently faced by the Australian mining industry. It will follow efficient and environmentally sustainable exploration, mineral processing and waste disposal practices to extend the lifetime of the mine.

Additionally, the research will also try to generate employment opportunities across the country.

The new hub will allow researchers from the University of Tasmania, the University of Exeter and Australia’s Information Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence (NICTA) to work with partner organisations such as Newcrest Mining, BHP-Billiton, Corescan, Laurin Technic, and a consortium of national and international companies coordinated by AMIRA International.

University of Tasmania research deputy vice-chancellor professor Paddy Nixon said the new TMVC research hub has the potential to make a huge impact on industry outcomes by delivering end-user driven solutions.

"The collaborative research hub illustrates how the University of Tasmania continues to build on its strengths in working with industry towards specific research projects," Nixon said.

Image: The University of Tasmania will use the $17.4m fund to develop research hub for Transforming the Mining Value Chain (TMVC) in Australia. Photo: courtesy of University of Tasmania.