Mining in Mexico

Mexican mining company Minera Peñasquito has signed a €40m, five-year agreement with Siemens for operations and maintenance of its crushing and conveying systems.

The actual cost of the order will depend on the plant’s output, with the maintenance system serving to enhance the availability and reliability of the mine.

The German company’s customer services division will offer services, personnel and equipment at the mine, where gold, silver, lead and zinc have been extracted since 2006.

Located in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, the mine has been under the service and maintenance of Siemens, where the company supplied drive systems.

The company will now carry out around-the-clock operation and maintenance of the InPit crushing and conveying system using computer-aided maintenance at Minera Peñasquito.

As sizer stations are located in close proximity to the extraction site, the reduced reliance on transportation cuts down energy consumption and CO2 emissions, according to Siemens.

Overburden from the mine will be dumped by waste stacking systems, transported across several kilometres via overland conveyors.

Siemens will also provide around-the-clock repairs as part of the performance-based agreement.

Image: Siemens will continue with its maintenance activities at the Minera Peñasquito open-cast mine. Photo: Siemens AG