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A new mine monitoring system has been installed at Newmont Mining’s Minera Yanacocha gold mine in northern Peru to help geotechnical engineers predict potentially dangerous pit movements.

The SiteMonitor system, supplied by 3D Laser Mapping, continuously monitors one of the six active pits at the site using laser scanners to detect small movements in the pit face.

The scanners allow onsite staff to predict potentially dangerous falls and take steps to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment.

The system is being used to monitor the north, east and south face of La Quinua Pit at the Yanacocha mine.

Geotechnical engineers and surveyors can study the collected data, which is wirelessly transmitted to an onsite central server, to track movements in the wall to predict the time and location of a potential pit fall.

Image: The Yanacocha gold mine in Peru. Photo: courtesy of 3D Laser Mapping.