The Ontario Government will invest around $900,000 on mining-related industry research in the Canadian city of Sudbury to generate jobs, reduce operating costs and enhance the safety of mine workers.

The funds will be provided through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHFC) for two main projects, the Canopy project being carried out by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), and the Diesel Emissions Reduction Research project being undertaken by the Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization (Camiro).

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne said: "We are making smart investments through the NOHFC to help support innovation and job creation in key sectors like mining.

"[The projects] will have a large impact on underground workplaces and on the health and safety of underground workers."

"When we support Northern Ontario’s success and build on the north’s unique strengths in mining, we ensure a more prosperous future for the entire province."

Around $783,900 has been awarded to the Canopy project, where CEMI is developing a mobile canopy system to allow mining firms to safely develop tunnels at a faster rate.

This project is expected to allow mining firms open more new Mines, thereby creating more jobs in the region.

Another $100,000 will go towards the Diesel Emissions Reduction Research project, where Camiro is working on filters that protect mine workers from pollution generated by underground diesel equipment.

The reduction in the volume of fresh air ventilation in mines will not only allow mining firms to lower the mine’s operating costs but also extend mine life and retain jobs, the government said in a statement.

CMIRO’s project is estimated to indirectly generate 20 jobs and retain 500.

NOHFC chair and Northern Development and Mines minister Michael Gravelle said: "These projects will further advance Sudbury’s position as a leader in the mining services and supply sector.

"And they will have a large impact on underground workplaces and on the health and safety of underground workers."

Since 2003, NOHFC has spent around $953m in 6,200 research projects across Northern Ontario.

Image: The Northern Ontario Heritage Funds will be used for mining research activites in Sudbury, Canada. Photo: courtesy of P199.