Mining tenement system  (MTS) improves investments and provides optimum utilisation of minerals

The Odisha government is set to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) to deploy a mining tenement system (MTS) in the state.

While enabling the process of data management, the MTS is designed to increase efficienty in regulation of grant and management of mineral concessions for development of mineral resources.

Under the MoU, the state mining department is expected to provide requisite inputs on the design of MTS modules related to state specific activities and help them in developing customised interfaces for the existing software applications at state level, reports the Business Standard.

The mining department will also coordinate with the state departments of land resources and forest departments to prioritise digitisation of cadastral and forest maps.

Upon completion of the state-specific system, the Odisha government will decide whether to adopt the MTS in its entirety or select specific modules.

It is believed that the MoU is likely to have a tenure of five years from the date of signing, with an option to renew by one more year on mutual agreement between the two parties, reported the publication.

A core committee, constituted by the Union ministry of mines, will look after the development and implementation of MTS.

Image: The mining tenement system (MTS) improves investments and provides optimum utilisation of minerals. Photo: Courtesy of worradmu/

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