NRW has secured a $30m contract to perform bulk earthworks and civil works for Rio Tinto’s Yandi Oxbow project at Yandicoogina iron ore mine in Pilbara, Western Australia.

The works on the Yandi Oxbow project are focused on sustaining existing production at the Yandi mine.

The Australian contractor will construct a 4.5km haul road, in addition to a heavy vehicle bridge over the existing railway.

Other works will include construction of more than 7km of embankment and approximately 3,200 lineal metres of culverts.

"The contract is expected to run for 38 weeks and scheduled to begin in late-July."

NRW will also perform works relating to modernisation, re-routing and extensions to existing light vehicle access roads.

The contract is expected to run for 38 weeks and scheduled to begin in late-July.

NRW plans to use its existing civil construction fleet for the project, which may require more than 130 workers at its peak.

Located 95km north-west of Newman, the Yandicoogina mine is one of 12 iron ore mines operated by Rio Tinto in the Pilbara.

In November 2012, the company secured approval from the West Australian Government for its $1.8bn expansion of the Yandicoogina mine.

With the approval in place, Rio Tinto could extend the life of the existing Junction South East deposit, which operated on a fully autonomous basis.

The complete Junction South East pit of Yandicoogina mine is operated autonomously with ten driverless trucks working around the clock.