Canada-based Northern Gold Mining has submitted an advanced exploration closure plan to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) for its wholly owned Garrcon gold deposit.

As per the plan, the company aims to remove up to 150,000t of bulk sample from the mine for off-site processing, which it claims will demonstrate the economic potential of the Garrcon deposit.

The company is also planning to perform test mining this summer, which will provide better definition of project data inputs that can be used for a future feasibility study.

Northern Gold will mainly collect data related to bulk metallurgical characteristics, geotechnical parameters, block model reconciliation, blasting techniques and grade controls.

"With ministry approval, we will have the necessary permits to allow for the extraction of a 150,000t bulk sample."

The closure plan will be reviewed by MNDM for 45 days, and will contain detailed information about work completed to date, the scope of work to occur at the mine, environmental, engineering and development data, and rehabilitation measures in the event of project being discontinued.

The plan also includes terrestrial and aquatic surveys, and studies of the local water resources, geotechnical drilling and rock stability.

The closure plan was prepared by Blue Heron Environmental of Timmins, Ontario, in collaboration with Blue Heron Environmental, Golder Associates and Terrane Geoscience, that prepared the required studies.

Northern Gold interim president and CEO Martin Shefsky said that: "With ministry approval, we will have the necessary permits to allow for the extraction of a 150,000t bulk sample from the Garrcon deposit with the objective of moving the project towards feasibility."

In addition to the closure plan, the company also submitted financial assurance to the MNDM to cover the cost of project rehabilitation, as per the Mining Act.

Garrcon gold deposit is located 100km east of Timmins, Ontario, on the Garrison property, and shares the location with the Golden Bear project of Northern Gold.