Leighton Contractors‘ mining division has received a contract for QCoal’s Jax mine’s bulk sample project in the northern Bowen Basin in Queensland, Australia.

The scope of the contract includes construction of the mine industrial area, mining operations, management, mining fleet, and services supply for the bulk sample project, which consist of drilling and blasting, as well as hauling of overburden.

Leighton will also supply and operate temporary facilities for coal crushing and screening.

Leighton Holdings CEO Hamish Tyrwhitt said, "The award of the Jax contract demonstrates Leighton Group’s strong market position in the Queensland coal basin, underpins our status as the world’s leading contract miner, and highlights the success in bringing our core competencies in contract mining to the development of greenfield sites."

The project plans to deliver around 350,000 tonnes of coal samples for testing.

If the Jax coal mine is approved by the Queensland Government, the contract will be extended to mine up to 1.8 million tonnes of coal a year for a period of five years, putting the value of the contract at $430m.