G4S, a global security solutions company, has introduced a global mining-specific security training programme to increase the skills of its workforce.

The programme offers security training on a diverse range of specific operational issues faced by the mining industry, such as conflict management, CCTV control room operations, and management and response team operations.

The programme, which commenced earlier this year, will also boost relationships with its mining customers by combining trained personnel with innovative technology to reduce operational costs and complexity, and optimise standards on security.

G4S will be able to up-skill local employees with a leading specialist training programme, which will in turn promote stronger community relationships around its mining operations .

G4S, which employs 18,000 specialist mining security personnel globally, intends to have all its staff take up the training programme in the next few years.

The company has already deployed trained specialist security personnel in its several locations of Africa.

A new facility will also be opened in South Africa in collaboration with BHP Billiton, which is intended to offer training to employees on BHP Billiton sites as well as to other mining industry customers of G4S.

Global mining director Andrew Hames said the new mining-specific security training programme is the first of its type in the industry.

"As a business, we understand the importance of creating a better equipped base of employees with the right skill sets and competencies to enable them to have a level of knowledge and skill to perform their respective roles," Hames added.

"Whilst we already have a great team in place across our business, we are keen to ensure that our staff are able to continue to develop within their roles and improve their performance year-on-year."

G4S is an international security solutions group that specialises in secure outsourcing in countries and sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.

It serves over 350 mining customers at more than 370 locations around the world.

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