Ecologia Environmental Consultants has secured a contract to act as environmental assessor for SolGold‘s Cascabel project, located in Quito, Ecuador.

Under the contract, Ecologia will assist SolGold with the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the project, which is currently in the advanced exploration phase.

The contract includes a gap analysis of the EMP, liaison, sub-consultant engagement support, biannual monitoring report reviews, environmental compliance audit reports, translation of documents, environmental programme and budget review.

SolGold secured license approval for the project in August 2013 subject to implementation of commitments in the EMP.

Ecologia said it will fulfil the requirements of the EMP to ensure SolGold remains compliant for the duration of the advanced exploration phase, which is expected to take about four years to complete.

Ecologia Environmental Consultants general manager Lazaro Roque-Albelo said the company trained the MoE in EIA system and control mechanisms for mining projects in 2012, "which will ensure SolGold remains compliant throughout the whole process".

"Ecologia has a multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German) able to address and provide strategic advice and management for all stages of a project in different countries," Roque-Albelo added.

"In today’s global business environment where customer diversity and global operations are increasingly common, it is vital to offer a high level of multi-skilled support to remain competitive."

Roque-Albelo noted that the company has managed several mining and contract projects across Western Australia, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

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