Bauxite Alumina Joint Ventures (BAJV) has withdrawn its Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) referral for its mining proposal at North Bindoon, Australia.

The North Bindoon Referral expected a mining operation of about 2 million tonnes of bauxite per annum over a five year period.

BAJV was formed in April 2011 as a joint venture between Bauxite Resources and Yankuang Group.

The joint venture, since its formation, had been carrying out several baseline studies for the Public Environmental Review before submission of the North Bindoon Referral to the EPA.

BAJV, for the past year, has rationalised its exploration and development focus, resulting in over 3,000km² being relinquished.

The North Bindoon Referral pre-dates the formation of the JV, which was established to set up both bauxite mining and alumina refining of its bauxite interests.

Bauxite Resources said BAJV’s withdrawal will not affect the current development plans or current bauxite resource of the company and its joint venture partners, which now crosses 250 million tonnes.

Bauxite Resources CEO Peter Canterbury said, "Since the EPA application was lodged in 2010, the company and its JV partners have proved up significant bauxite resources in the Darling Range.

"These additional resources provide the company and its joint venture partners with a range of attractive opportunities for development. They have in no way been affected by the decision to withdraw the EPA referral for the North Bindoon mining proposal."

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