Truck body manufacturer Austin Engineering has unveiled its new off-highway dump truck design, Westech Optima.

According to the company, the Westech Optima has been designed to have a strong body and carry maximum payload while requiring low maintenance.

Analysed with the latest finite element analysis (FEA) and load simulation software, the Optima body is compatible with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chassis and supports the performance of haul trucks.

The Westech Optima can be customised to suit the operational requirements of the mine and is engineered to suit specific material conditions and loading tools, the Australia-based company said.

"The Optima body is compatible with all OEM chassis and supports the performance of haul trucks."

Austin Engineering Perth operations manager Mark Richards said: "It was great to see such a high level of interest at the recent launch as we feel that many mine sites can benefit from the Optima’s ability to enhance haul truck performance.

"The Westech Optima body is optimised to provide greater productivity by maximising payload.

"Because we design each body to suit mine specific operating conditions, the Optima is a low maintenance body."

Austin customises its products by mixing steel plate during the monitored fabrication process and by designing and installing wear liner packages to suit client’s applications.

In addition to Westech bodies, Austin Engineering also designs and manufactures JEC and OEM off-highway dump truck bodies.

The company has so far designed, manufactured and delivered more than 8,000 off-highway dump truck bodies.

Image: The Westech Optima body on display at Austin Engineering’s Perth facility. Photo: courtesy of Austin Engineering.