Communications service provider BT Group has signed a $220m contract to deliver IT services across Anglo American’s global sites.

Under the five year contract, BT will deploy its BT Connect portfolio of networking solutions in 15 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, including locations in remote mining areas.

These solutions will be provided using a number of technologies, such as Ethernet, MPLS, satellite, and microwave access.

Anglo American group chief information officer and head of shared services Mike Bowden said, "BT has helped us bring together our remote operations so we can truly leverage our global scale, and reapply best practice from wherever it is created to wherever it is needed."

BT Global Services president global commerce Bas Burger said, "We are very proud to be in a position to help leading global companies such as Anglo American enable, secure and manage information flows in the pursuit of business process simplification and operational efficiencies."

The company will also deploy its one voice converged communications platform, pooling all Anglo American voice services onto a single platform to deliver savings and simplify management.