Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said the government will overhaul the supervision of mining operations after 33 workers remain trapped in an underground mine.

Pinera said the government is going to accelerate legislation that is already under review to ensure security for workers.

The miners have been trapped since 5 August after an access tunnel caved in at the San Jose mine owned by Compania Minera San Esteban Primera in northern Chile’s Atacama region.

Pinera added the government is looking to restructure Sernageomin, the country’s mining and geological service, and will seek out and punish those responsible for the accident, reports Bloomberg.

The country’s mining authorities have sought international help from countries including Peru, Canada, the US and Australia to help rescue the trapped miners.

Rescue efforts are focused on drilling from the surface to deliver food, water and fresh air to the trapped miners after a ventilation shaft caved in, reports Bloomberg.