The toxic leak from Zijin Mining’s copper plant in China has spread to a second province, according to officials.

Ministry of Environmental Protection officials in Guangdong province issued an urgent notice that toxic waste from the Zijinshan copper mine leak has flowed downstream into Guangdong from Fujian province.

The notice said the pollution has had a dramatic effect on the trans-provincial section of the Ting River and will pose a major challenge to local fish farming, according to The China Daily.

Guangdong officials have asked Fujian environmental protection personnel to appoint a liaison to oversee the containment of the pollution.

Preliminary investigation findings suggest Zijin had ignored warnings that the flow of wastewater into the Ting River was too high.

On 19 July, Zijin Mining issued a statement apologising for the 3 July disaster and the improper handling of information about the spill.