Russia’s Raspadskaya Coal has reduced coal shipping to consumers by 70% following explosions at its west Siberian mine in Russia.

Raspadskaya Coal general director Gennady Kozovoi said there is no more coal at company depots, according to Russian media Ria Novosti.

Two methane explosions rocked the Raspadskaya mine in the Kemerovo region a week ago, killing at least 66 people and leaving over 100 injured while 24 people are still missing.

The restoration of Raspadskaya mine, which produces about 10% of Russia’s coking coal, is expected to take at least a year and will largely affect Russia’s steel industry.

Meanwhile, rescuers have fed water and khladon into the mine to neutralise methane to create safe conditions for the rescuers to restart rescue work.

Due to the high concentrations of methane inside the coal mine, rescue work for 24 unaccounted miners has been suspended since 13 May.

A large number of miners and their families protested last week claiming that they had been forced to disable safety equipment in order to meet production targets.