Xinwen Mining has contracted Jinan Yinquan Technology, the subsidiary of China VoIP & Digital Telecom, for an integrated data centre virtualisation solution to optimise its business processes.

Xinwen said virtualisation would help the company as its operations expand, meaning more servers are required leading to higher equipment and maintenance costs.

Yinquan’s integrated virtualisation solution will help enhance Xinwen Mining’s system security and increase the servers’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness by reducing the number of servers.

Virtualisation software can allow IT applications and roles to be mimicked off of the hardware, reducing the need for physical ‘boxes’ depending on how it is used.

Xinwen Mining’s total output for 2009 stood at 27 million tons and revenue at $5.4bn.

The company seeks to progressively increase its coal production capacity by ten million tons each year starting in 2010 from its current annual capacity of 112 million tons.