South African engineering company Turbo Air has come up with a way to help some mining companies overcome the increased cost of energy in South Africa while helping the nation meet its energy demand needs.

Turbo Air said it will deliver new technology to a major gold miner that will save it 70% of its energy use.

Turbo Air said by providing the miner with energy saving devices for heat pump systems, new and optimised energy efficient compressed-air systems and water chilling and alternate chilling systems mining companies can save a lot of their electricity costs.

The solution will feed energy back into the grid, making cost savings even bigger for the company.

It says the unidentified miner, for example, will save energy up to 55MW a shift when running at full capacity with a stage-one cost saving of an estimated R 146 000 000/y.

The contract was signed last year and has a two-year implementation phase.

Turbo Air spokesperson Gerald Nel said the first machinery with the implemented technology is expected to be in working order by May 2010, according to Mining Weekly.