Chile’s copper output remained undisrupted in February, although the country’s industrial production rose less than expected after a massive earthquake hit the country last month.

A report by the National Statistics Institute said the quake affected all economic sectors but its negative impacts will be more strongly felt in coming months.

Last month industrial production rose 0.5%, well below the 1.1% median increase forecast by Reuters, while in January output fell 1.1% signalling a slower economic recovery.

Nevertheless, copper output increased 3.8% to 394,742t in February compared to the previous year with the country’s key mines hardly suffering bar a few energy disruptions.

The INE did say, however, that the quake had made data collection difficult in affected areas in south-central Chile.

Following the first recession in a decade, the Chilean economy had been showing signs of recovery before the quake, but that expectation had been affected due to pending reconstruction.