Journey Resources has begun a pilot-mining programme on the Charay Property which includes three mineral concessions covering approximately 380ha located in northern Sinaloa State, Mexico.

The programme involves de-watering the workings, a detailed underground survey, and an initial mining operation that involves 35,000t of near-surface high-grade material from the El Padre vein.

Two bulk samples taken from the El Padre vein in January 2010 confirmed the high gold-silver grades of the Charay property.

Minerales Jazz SA de CV, a subsidiary of Journey Resources, has already been granted a blasting permit and environmental permit for the project.

The company is waiting to receive other additional permits needed for the planned pilot-mining and the drill programme.

The company is also currently evaluating the project in order to commission a feasibility study for the possibility of full-scale mining and processing of high grade ore at Charay.