Russia’s OAO Uzhuralzoloto Group will process lean ores from its mines in West Kurosan to produce ore with gold content as low as 1gm/t as part of its strategy to augment ore processing volumes by 1m t/y.

Uzhuralzoloto will use new equipment to enable low-content gold ore production at the West Kurosan mines, which have mined about eight million tonnes and could yield a further 17t of gold, the company said.

In 2010, the company is expected to begin construction of its third gold-extracting facility at the Bereznyaki gold reserve, which will have a processing capacity of 300,000t a year.

Instead of the conventional cyanide process, the firm is likely to choose floatation technology, which expected to increase output from 40 to 90%.

The company is scheduled to start commercial operations at Bereznyaki facility in 2011.