A Chinese coal mine plagued by floods is still suffering an inflow of water, leaving little or no chance of survival for the 16 miners trapped there, according to reports.

The Zhonge Coal Mine in Jilin province, north-east China, is currently inundated with 5,000m3 of water and another 1,800m3 is pouring in daily.

On 27 November, a flood occurred at the coal mine trapping 16 workers and one rescuer.

According to experts, a huge quantity of sand and water entered the shaft when the flood took place, hampering rescue operations.

Miners working in the dead-end lane, which is filled with sludge, were trapped as their escape path was blocked.

Wagons are now being used to hold the rescue wellhead but it is feared that if removed, sediment and water will come out triggering another accident.

The Zhonghe Coal Mine’s accident response headquarters has issued a response, saying it thinks there will be no chance of survival for the trapped miners.