Petromin Resources said China United Coalbed Methane (CUCBM) has started well operations at the deep unmineable coal CO2 sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane pilot project in Shanxi Province, China.

It is hoped that the pilot project will prove the coal seam’s suitability for CO2 sequestration and long-term storage while piloting the improved coalbed methane output from the coal seams in which the CO2 is stored.

Coal is believed to have long-term storage potential for CO2, which will adhere to the coal cleat surface during displacement of methane found in coal.

De-watering at the SX-001 well has commenced in preparation for CO2 injection into the target coal seam.

The current operations phase will offer baseline information on water and coalbed methane output from the target coal seams no 3 with nearly 5m thickness and no 15 with about 6.6m thickness.

The company said the operations area of the pilot project, which is situated on CUCBM’s Shizhuang north block in the Qinshui Basin, has been expanded to 5km squared.