Chile’s Spence copper mine union, which has been on strike for over a month, has made a new wage proposal in a bid to revive talks.

On 13 October, Spence miners began a strike after the union rejected owner BHP’s offer of $15,000 in bonuses and a 4% wage increase following a government-assisted mediation period.

According to Dow Jones, the 560-member union is now demanding a 4.5% hike in salary, $19,000 in bonuses, a $2,600 one time bonus for resuming work and better production bonuses and social benefits.

The union had earlier demanded $27,000 in bonuses and a 5.5% hike in salary.

The labour strike is the longest yet held at a privately owned mine in Chile.

In 2008 the open-pit mine generated 165,000t of copper, accounting for 3% of Chile’s total output.