Empresa Nacional de Ferro will resume iron ore mining activity in Angola’s Cassinga region, generating direct employment for nearly 10,000 people over four years.

Empresa’s chairman Diamantino Azevedo told Angolan news agency Angop that the three-phase iron ore exploration and processing project will initially generate 3,000 jobs, which will increase as each phase finishes.

“The project could begin in two years time with an initial monthly mining target of two million tonnes of concentrated iron ore,” Azevedo said.

“Certain amount of the product would be processed within the country, while the remaining amount of 400,000t of steel per month would be exported.

“In the second phase, in the medium term, we expect to produce ten million tonnes of iron ore derivative for export, with the remainder being used in the country, particularly at Jamba MIneira (Cassinga Nova).”

Iron ore production was stopped at Jamba in the 1980s because of the civil war.