Investigations are being launched into alleged damage caused to the Great Wall of China by an Inner Mongolian mining firm.

Several holes could have been knocked through a section of the wall, according to a report by news agency AFP.

A spokesman from the northern regions cultural relics office said Hohhot Kekao Mining ignored numerous orders to stop operations at the wall, built in the Qin dynasty in 221 to 206 BC.

Police are now investigating the case.

It is estimated about 100m of wall, which spans for 8.850km, could be damaged.

It is not the first time the Great Wall has been damaged on the Inner Mongolian side.

Roadworkers, villages and miners have been fined in the past. Fines can reach up to $73,000.

Last year, five Mongolian miners were sent to jail for damaging a section of the wall using heavy machinery.