Two Sub-Atlantic remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are being used to inspect and clear a flooded part of an undeveloped high-grade uranium mine located in Saskatchewan Province, northern Canada.

Cameco requested US-based Offshore Innovative Solutions to perform video inspections and sonar surveys using the ROVs in an area of the Cigar Lake mine, 420m below ground level, that had been inundated by water in August 2008.

A Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk carried out initial survey work and identified the source of the inflow before the project increased to cover construction and demolition, which required the inclusion of a second ROV.

Offshore Innovative mobilised a Sub-Atlantic Mohican to function as a stand-by and second on-site ROV.

A remediation proposal was drafted to halt the inflow by erecting an inflatable grout bag to create a barrier.

The mine has now been cleared and the ROVs are finishing more than 600 dives carrying out inspection, dredging and demolition work in the high-risk, low-visibility environment.