Pan-African resources company Mwana Africa has reported the first pour of gold at the Freda Rebecca gold mine near Bindura, Zimbabwe, following the initial phase of its refurbishment programme.

On 13 October, 180oz of gold doré was generated at the mine.

First-phase annual production rates are expected to rise to 30,000oz of gold by the end of this year.

Planning for the second phase of the refurbishment programme, which is projected to rise annual production to more than 50,000oz of gold, already well into progress.

Mwana CEO Kalaa Mpinga said the first gold pour will help with the redevelopment of the company’s assets in Zimbabwe.

Mwana said that potential for operations expansion can be carried out through exploratory and confirmatory drilling at and close to its existing mines.

Mwana purchased Freda Rebecca from AngloGold in 2005.