US-based General Moly has completed the final technical reports at the proposed Mt Hope molybdenum mine in Nevada, ending two years of environmental studies.

The reports will be submitted to the US Bureau of Land Management by the end of September, and the agency could issue its environmental impact statement on the project shortly afterwards, reports.

Environmental studies at the mine focused on the geochemistry and hydrology of the pit lake that will form once mining work comes to a halt, the news service said.

It took General Moly four months to drill the core holes and observation wells, perform pump tests and ready the groundwater models for the reports.

The Mt Hope mine has a projected lifespan of 44 years, which includes 32 years for mining and milling and 12 years for lower-grade stockpile processing.

The mine may produce 40 million pounds of molybdenum in its initial five years of operation.