Anglo Coal South Africa has been awarded a business excellence award for its workplace programme tackling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, its parent company Anglo American said.

Anglo Coal said about 1,300 of its 9,300 employees in the country are infected with HIV.

The Global Business Coalition (GBC) award was given for Anglo Coal’s efforts in conducting annual tests for all employees and a free HIV management programme offering care, support and treatment for employees who test positive, according to Anglo Coal GBC president and CEO John Tedstrom.

“The fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria cannot be won without the corporate sector stepping up and playing an active role,” Tedstrom said.

About 94% of permanent workers have been tested for HIV since the programme began. As a result, since 2005 the number of new infections has halved, Anglo Coal said.

There are about 7,300 employees enrolled in the HIV disease management programme across all Anglo America subsidiaries in South Africa.

Anglo American has allocated $1.2m to health and AIDS-related services in South Africa.