Gold developer Corvette Resources has partnered with the Australian Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to explore the Albany-Fraser gold belt, the site of Corvette’s Plumridge Project in Western Australia.

The five-month study will glean information on the geology, geochemistry, alteration, structure and mineralisation at the gold province, according to Corvette Resources managing director Patrick McManus.

“We will be able to capitalise on the resources and skills of CSIRO and C3DMM (WA Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping), and apply advanced technology to better target the RC and diamond drill stages of our ongoing exploration programme,” McManus said.

Corvette has been involved in exploration at the Plumridge Project since 2007 and announced positive results in its first RC drilling operation on the Corvette Prospect, 60km south of Tropicana, Havana, in March 2009.

The project is being run as part of the Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship programme in association with C3DMM.

By staff writer