UK-based Botswana Diamonds has been granted a 430km² exploration licence near Libongo in Cameroon.

Botwana Diamonds has received the licence for an initial period of four years and it is renewable for multiple periods of four years.

The firm will carry out bulk sample exercises in the end of 2011 to determine whether the conglomerate occurrence on the firm’s ground is also diamondiferous.

In Botswana, the firm has executed its prospecting license No. 04/2002 in Orapa region, for a period of 12 months, covering the AK8, AK9 and BK5 kimberlites.

The firm’s team has also identified several areas of unexplained kimberlite indicator and geophysical anomalies in the general Orapa area.

The firm will also carry out a sampling programme on its claims in the south-east of the Murowa area in Zimbabwe.