Silver Falcon Mining (SFMI) has entered into a three-year toll refining agreement with International Precious Metal Refiners (IPMR) for the refining and sale of its bullion dore.

In the first shipment, about 1500 troy ounces of bullion dore will be transported to IPMR’s refining facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from Silver Falcon’s production centre in Idaho, US.

SFMI CEO Pierre Quilliam said the company has brought the ore from the mountain to the mill, treated and extracted the precious metals out of it, and smelted and produced bullion dore, which will be shipped and sold to the contracted refinery.

“This will also transform SFMI from an investment-dependant corporation to a revenue-producing entity and will allow it to grow its bottom line,” Quilliam added.

SFMI has mineral rights for approximately 2,000 acres of War Eagle Mountain in southern Idaho.