Nevado Resources has signed an agreement with Neomet Technologies to apply the patented Neomet process to extract all valuable metals from its La Blache iron-titanium-vanadium project near Baie-Comeau, Quebec in Canada.

Neomet has conducted preliminary metallurgical testing on the Nevado’s oxides and has indicated 90% recovery of iron and 95% recovery of vanadium from the oxide mineralisation into a final high purity product.

Neomet has also demonstrated that 100% titanium can be recovered from leach solution into a TiO2 (titanium dioxide) product suitable for further processing to pigment grade TiO2.

The Neomet process produces higher grade hematite of greater than 99% purity (Fe2O3), which is a premium product suitable for the pigment market or for processing into higher quality steels.