Selwyn Resources has begun mobilising mining equipment supplies for an underground advanced exploration programme in Yukon, Canada.

Selwyn Chihong Mining and its contractors will transport the mining equipment and supplies along the 188km Winter Road to the Nahanni Range road, by the end of this month.

Selwyn Chihong has appointed Mackay Range Development Corporation (MRDC) to act as its general contractor for managing and overseeing Winter Road activities.

MRDC has selected Arctic Construction of British Columbia to open up Winter Road, establishing ice bridges and providing logistical support for trucking activities.

Selwyn has also contracted Roktek Service to assist in the procurement and staging of all mining equipment and bulk mining supplies.

The underground advanced exploration programme, a Selwyn joint venture project, is expected to begin in mid 2011, when both the underground portal and environmental support facilities are due to be complete.