The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) of the US Department of Labor has proposed a rule to revise its pattern of violations (POV) regulation.

The regulation will be published in 30 Code of Federal Regulations Part 104 and will be released today.

It will revise and simplify the POV criteria and the MSHA’s procedures for issuing a POV notice.

MSHA revealed screening criteria for the POV programme in September last year, making it an additional enforcement tool to be used at mines with a history of safety and health standard violations.

MSHA assistant secretary Joseph Main said the POV system is broken and the proposed regulation will be the next step in reforming the enforcement programme.

“It would require mine operators to be much more proactive in monitoring their compliance performance and would eliminate two provisions in the existing regulation: the potential POV procedure and the requirement regarding final orders,” Main said.

The proposal will specify that the MSHA use general criteria such as accident, compliance, illness and injury records to identify mines with a pattern of violations.