Daily deaths from Covid-19 rose in the US, Italy and the UK yesterday – but all three countries now appear to be on a downward trend over all.

The US recorded 2,096 new virus-related deaths – more than one in three of the 5,986 deaths seen worldwide and up from 1,378 the day before. Some of that may be due to slower reporting after the weekend and the US daily deaths figure was still lower than those being seen at the end of last week.

Hospital deaths in the UK were up from 363 on April 27 to 588 on April 28. Again that is most likely to represent a lag in reporting rather than a new wave of cases, since the numbers are still down on the same days last week.

Recorded deaths in Italy rose from 333 on April 27 to 382 on April 28.

The US and four countries in Europe – Italy, Spain, France and the UK – account for nearly three-quarters of the 217,153 reported Covid-19 deaths worldwide since the start of the outbreak.

Covid-19 daily report