Cancana starts Valdirâo manganese mining in Brazil

25 November 2013 (Last Updated November 25th, 2013 18:30)

Cancana Resources has started commercial mining at its Valdirao manganese mine in Espigao, Brazil.

Cancana Resources has started commercial mining at its Valdirao manganese mine in Espigao, Brazil.

The company said the infrastructure work is now mostly complete at the project, which is located on an area of 5ha with an incline to the top of a ridge in Espigao, in the state of Rondonia.

Cancana has developed a plan, which involves the mining and excavation operations at the top of the ridge or the highest point within the active area of mining, followed by the creation of benches on the slope, where additional mining activity will be carried out.

The company will initially remove large-sized cobbles or boulders and stockpile this ore, and then conduct further research and review of the manganese vein structures.

The vein structures will be reviewed in order to allow Cancana to develop a mining plan across several properties with increased size.

Cancana will screen the manganese in stages, initially focusing its efforts on dry screening the manganese ore to separate larger cobbles and boulder-sized ore, followed by mechanised screening to sort and size the smaller ore.

The initial dry screening and stockpiling is expected to continue for about two months, at which point Cancana will review the results and consider the next stages of mine development, geotechnical and geological review, as well as commercial choices.

Cancana Resources president and CEO Andrew Male said that having personally overseen the commencement of the development of the infrastructure and mine site preparatory work, as well as now reviewing the commencement of mining and excavation operations, the company has transformed from a purely exploration company to an active mining firm.

"We are very excited to see Cancana take this step, having watched the first excavation cuts take place and seeing some of the first cobbles being stockpiled was exciting for all those onsite," Male added.

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