Minerals Council SA denies mines are the “epicentre” of Covid-19
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Minerals Council SA denies mines are the “epicentre” of Covid-19

09 Jun 2020 (Last Updated June 9th, 2020 12:26)

The Minerals Council South Africa, the body responsible for representing some of the country’s largest miners, has hit back at allegations that the mining sector is the “epicentre” of Covid-19 in South Africa.

South African mining has come under scrutiny for its response to the pandemic, with 679 cases of Covid-19 reported among miners already, out of just over 50,000 across the country. The country’s mining sector only implemented strict mining safety rules in May, following pressure from trade unions, and moves such as a reopening of mines to operate at 50% capacity have raised concerns that the mining industry is not doing enough to protect workers.

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