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XMOR High Productivity Dump Truck Bodies

G&G Mining’s XMOR dump truck body is super lightweight and super tough – increasing the payload and productivity of your machine, and ultimately reducing your cost per tonne.

We address challenges of wear, impact, hang up, load retention & positioning whilst offering exceptionally low weight and thus an increased payload. This design has been proven in some of the toughest mining conditions on the planet.

  • Certified ‘Hardox® In My Body’ liner-less dump body

Integrated wear and impact resistant structure constructed from Hardox® 450, Hardox® 500 Tuf and Strenx 700 high strength steels

  • Increased payload with the lightest steel Dump Body available today

Super-lightweight structure decreasing body by 50% and increasing available truck payload by 9.4% compared to a typical OEM body (comparison based on CAT793F using CAT MSDII body with liners vs G&G XMOR AHS body).

Unique patented panel floor design with overlapping joints & only four floor beams.

Wear-resistant floor manufactured from Hardox® 500 Tuf. Panel thickness varies dependant on-site requirements based on abrasiveness and impact.

Integrity of these features is retained for life without the need for impact or liner plates.

High strength steel sidewalls with no welded stiffening beams enables contact with loading machines without significant body damage.

Dramatically reduced weight, operating cost & downtime due to maintenance.

  • Patented Payload Centring Design

Patented design and ‘cone’ shaped construction results in automatic load positioning for optimal axle loading and truck stability regardless of density carried.

Automatically directs any overload to the rear 4 tyres on the rear axle. Reducing tyre heat & improving tyre life.

Increases tyre life whilst offering improved vehicle dynamics and stability.

  • Improved Dumping Performance and Reduced Carryback

Anti-Hang-Up design eliminates hang-up with the ability to shoot over windrow.

Tapered body and cone shaped floor ensure consistent load shedding – reducing wear rates and eliminates choking at the crusher / dozer clean-up at the dump.

  • Innovative Canopy Design

New lightweight, high strength canopy design “catches” material loaded too far forwards and feeds it back into the body rather than letting material remain on the canopy or fall onto the haul road.

Shorter canopy option is available for Autonomous Operations where operator safety on front deck is not a primary concern.

  • Designed for minimal maintenance

No requirement for liner repair / replacement through normal operational life, offering lower ongoing costs and improved on-site safety.

Also designed with a host of maintenance friendly features

XMOR…. Expect more.




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