XMOR High Productivity Buckets

XMOR Buckets are proven in operation. The result of many years of materials and bucket design knowledge, plus extended field development has resulted in an exceptional combination of wear resistance and strength. Wear parts are minimised and on-site maintenance reduced with the bucket structure designed to combat wear.

XMOR buckets are currently available for Backhoes and Wheel Loaders.

  • Increased Payload for improved machine productivity

Lower Weight + Larger Volume = Larger Payload, all within the OEM machine suspended load limits.

  • Customised Solutions

No matter the material you are excavating or the GET options you require; we can provide the optimal XMOR bucket for your needs.

  • Lighter, Stronger, Harder Wearing

The unique high strength construction of XMOR buckets using a range of advanced HARDOX® steels, including HARDOX® 500 Tuf, delivers exceptional wear life at a much lower weight than conventional buckets – with an integrated wear-resistant and structural construction.

  • Low Operating Costs

Thanks to high payload productivity and reduced maintenance, as well as low-drag design resulting in reduced fuel burn and improved digging characteristics.

  • Hot Work Minimised

No wear package to maintain on-site, resulting in cost and safety benefits.

  • Handles all media

Product range developed for use with a wide range of materials with different wear characteristics and from the extremes of high to low density.


  • Fully compatible with a broad range of GET
  • Available with plate and cast lip options from multiple manufacturers.


  • Australian Made
  • Certified Australian Made product designed and manufactured by G&G Mining.

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