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Vulcan 3D Geological Modelling and Mine Planning

Vulcan innovative ore control system case study

Maptek applications provide a common platform for geological, geotechnical and engineering teams.

Vulcan is a mature design, modelling and planning software package that plays a critical role in mine processes from exploration and geological modelling through mine design and scheduling to rehabilitation. Vulcan features powerful block modelling and integrated tools for survey, drill and blast, grade control, geotechnical analysis, geostatistics, scheduling and optimisation.

Vulcan is hosted on the Maptek Workbench, which supports all functionality as well as providing ready access to database, text editing, scripting and spreadsheet applications. Users can create custom workflows incorporating all Maptek applications within the Workbench, providing a universal platform and high quality user experience for Maptek customers.

Exploration & Resource Evaluation

Vulcan offers an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment to create and assess exploration models. Users can manage and validate drillhole, assay, geophysical, lithological and analytical data. Machine learning applications work directly with Vulcan data models to significantly speed up the resource estimation process and support resource geologists in their work.

Vulcan can handle very large complex datasets, allowing geologists and mining engineers to analyse vast amounts of technical information in relation to other mine data. Sophisticated algorithms and fast processing allow virtually instant validation of data for building and maintaining up-to-date orebody models.

Mine Design & Development

Vulcan mine design tools allow users to design optimal mine plans that ensure a profitable production phase. Users can forecast machinery allocation, engineer the best road design and analyse productivity scenarios before operations begin.

The intuitive environment for visualising designs and models in 3D allows users to easily run animations and explore alternative scenarios based on various resource and economic values. This is the most productive approach to developing practical mine plans that maximise resource recovery, and helps close the loop between design, planning and production.

Mine Operations

Developing an operational mine is a costly and complex process. Vulcan assists in refining geology and resource models, calculating reserves, developing short and long term plans and scheduling operations.

Vulcan provides the tools to model the resource and design the mine, dynamically updating plans as data changes. Interpretations and results can be shared with confidence that they will reliably guide productive and profitable mining.

Accurate, reliable and timely data is important for mining success. Continually feeding the knowledge gained from analysing that data into the mine plan ensures all departments are working off the same operational plan. Audit trails provide a mechanism for analysing ways to improve performance.

Optimisation & Scheduling

An integrated mine planning – scheduling interface is critical for ensuring that the latest data flows through from the resource model to scheduling, ensuring that orebody knowledge informs all activities. Mining blocks are generated using a simple, repeatable approach. Users can easily add density, tonnage etc as populated variables for block models ready for import into Maptek Evolution, saving time and reducing the risk associated with manual editing or miscalculation.

Preview, animation and reporting options allow plans to be clearly presented across the mining organisation, and specification files preserved for auditing.

As the world’s most mature 3D mining software solution, Vulcan will continue to enable users to take their raw technical data and transform it into dynamic 3D models, accurate mine designs and operating plans that support sustainable, productive mining.

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