This device is used to turn over aluminium ingots moving on a conveyor. The grippers are pushed in by pneumatic cylinders to grab the ingot, and a motor which is connected to a synchronising shaft turns the grippers using sprockets and a connecting chain. Inductive sensors are used to activate the motor and pneumatic cylinders.

The design of the turn over device is focused on the following key areas:

  • Reliability with specific focus to reduce breakdowns
  • Accessibility for maintenance, fault finding and repair
  • Operators safety during operation of the turn over device
  • Reduce breakdown time when damaged parts/sub-assemblies must be replaced
  • Reduce overall running cost of unit

The motor is installed in an in-line position for direct drive to the synchronising shaft. This is done to reduce the number of components in the system which can fail and to improve the precision at which the ingots are turned.

A custom designed coupling/clutch (indicated by a red arrow) is fitted to the top sub-assembly to prohibit the cylinder from rotating when the ingot is turned over.

The safety guarding surrounding the chains and other moving parts of the turn over device can be removed by removing four bolts which give you complete access for maintenance or repair work.

The turn over device is a modular design with separate replacement sub-assemblies in order to minimise installation time when maintenance or repairs are required.