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Thermal Protection

Energy savings

Thermoshield re-radiates heat off a substrate and reflects damaging ultraviolet light.

The ceramic thermal barrier properties of Thermoshield are due to millions of hollow microscopic spheres that cluster together and create dead air space. The performance of Thermoshield is due to its ability to counter ‘radiant heat’ transfer. Thermoshield remains effective when it becomes tarnished and addresses the full solar spectrum.

Thermoshield has the ability to offer year-round energy savings due to its high insulation properties.

Ceramic spheres

Thermoshield’s coating properties provide outstanding adhesion, durability, high flexibility, as well as high electrical and thermal resistance. As Thermoshield is chemically inert it also has the ability to withstand the damaging effects of acids and other chemicals, as well as exposure to oxygen and water.

Compressive strength makes ceramics a good structural material. Hardness, abrasion resistance, imperviousness to high temperatures and extremely caustic conditions allow ceramics to be used in special applications where no other material can be used.

Thermoshield isn’t simply a top-quality white paint – it’s a thermal ceramic coating that can be used to resolve corrosion issues and prevent major heat transfer in any environment.

A University of Melbourne study proved that Thermoshield has an additional benefit unseen in other products. This benefit is the ability of the product to improve the retention of heat within a building during colder weather.

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