Rip Detection, and Belt Monitoring and Steering

Whether you have an existing belt and rip detection system with broken loops or are looking for a new rip detection solution, Almex and Emsys have you covered.

The EMSYS LSRS (Loop Sensing Receiver with Smartwire) remembers the belt layout with uniquely identified smartwires at intervals along the belt to detect any rips along the belt. The LSRS receivers read Smartwires as well as the more common loops in the market (ie. Conti, Good Year, Becker).

Smartwires are available to put directly into the belt as it’s manufactured or pre-laminated with gum and cover to be quickly put into an existing belt. A retrofit kit, including an Almex press, SmartWire channel skiver, control box, and the winch is also available.

The EMSYS WSR (Width Sensing Receiver) monitors the width of the belt for its entire length to detect any shearing or spreading or edge damage changes from its baseline. The system is able to bring the belt to a stop when the rip is detected. The WSR can work standalone or with the LSRS.

Almex and EMSYS offer a complete line of scanning and monitoring solutions.

The SB-BW is the only ATEX certified belt scale on the market.
The BSG provides misalignment alerts and the ability to correct the belt steering remotely via an app from anywhere. It can also be paired with idlers in front or back of the BSG as required for your belt size and load.