Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Data Visualisation for Mining

Efficient production in mining needs to be balanced with environmental impacts, community relations and maintaining regulatory compliance. Envirosuite gives you tools to stay ahead on all these issues.

  • Plan blasts to avoid impacts and keep employees safe. Maintain an audit trail of performance, supported by comprehensive science.
  • Track fugitive dust in real-time and optimise dust control systems
  • An unmatched suite of pro-active modelling, monitoring, analysis and management tools to drive improvements in performance and manage issues efficiently.

Key features

● Real-time environmental monitoring data visualisation: know what is happening right now and react accordingly
● Identify the source of the issue: see the source of the problem with arcs of influence plus other charts and analytical features
● Visualise any environmental data stream – implements with any existing monitoring network: enabled for any data stream that can be measured and transmitted
● Site-specific weather forecast: detailed, highly accurate 3D weather forecasts for your specific site
● Historical trends: see historical trends at the click of a button
● Alerts: get instant email / SMS alerts when thresholds set by you are exceeded

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