Predictive Blast Fume Management

Plan blasts to avoid impacts and keep employees safe. Maintain an audit trail of performance, supported by comprehensive science.

Key features

● Instantly assess conditions and make recommendations of where and when blasts should be conducted.
● Mine managers can model the size and nature of predicted blast plumes to make informed decisions prior to blasting.
● Predict how wind flow might be affected by the local terrain.
● Enhance your reputation in the community and with regualtors by knowing the prcecie impact from blast fumes ahead of time
● Model local weather conditions and simulate the likely dispersion and area of impact of blast plumes under different conditions throughout the shift.
● Data from weather observation satellites and ground based weather monitoring networks are used to create high resolution model predictions for blast scenarios at the site.
● In parallel with forecasting systems are set up at highly localised resolution the predictions are much more accurate than those provided by the weather forecasting services that are designed to deliver predictions for much wider areas.
● Run blast plume scenarios can be run for every 15-30 minute time slot over the next 72-hour period.
● Enable drill and blast teams to plan the best times to conduct blasting to achieve maximum productivity, reduce downtime for blast activities and ensure that impacts on community and fellow mine workers are avoided.

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